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ENGLISCH (price starting at 5€) – STREAMING


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Hello my friends,

Many of you have waited a long time for the second part of our film “100,000 Miles”. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown since March 2020, we used this time and went back to the editing room to produce a completely new film with all of our adventures on the American continent. The result is an authentic, exciting and professionally self-produced film with great music! Wonderful stories shot on the ground and spectacular aerial videos never seen before!

So it’s not a second part of a previously very poor production of the first part, but a wonderful new film that we have split into two parts! Look forward to 150 minutes of great entertainment! 100,000 Miles – 100% NEW STORY – 80% NEW RECORDINGS – 100% BETTER QUALITY! Please don’t forget to leave your comment !!!

And now an important note about the delivery of the DVD / Blu-ray!

As soon as we receive an order, we will send the film the next day at the latest. But due to air travel restrictions and temporary flight cancellations, the postal service for international mail acceptance of express delivery to most worldwide destinations is being cancelled in some countries. As a result, this has caused significant disruption to the postal service in several countries around the world. We have noticed a delivery delay of 3-5 months with our customers!

We can still provide you with “free of charge access” via video streaming today so that you can see the film immediately AND get the DVD / Blu-ray! That will certainly help to wait patiently for the delivery of the DVD / Blue-Ray! Please let us know when you order the DVD or Blu-ray under comments.

Cheers and have a nice day,

Andreas & Doreen