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ENGLISCH (price starting at 5€) – STREAMING


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Hello my friends,

Many of you have waited a long time for the second part of our film “100,000 Miles”. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown since March 2020, we used this time and went back to the editing room to produce a completely new film with all of our adventures on the American continent. The result is an authentic, exciting and professionally self-produced film with great music! Wonderful stories filmed on the ground and spectacular aerial videos never seen before!

So it’s not a second part of a previously very poor production of the first part, but a wonderful new film that we’ve split into two parts! Look forward to 150 minutes of great entertainment! Please don’t forget to leave your comment !!!

100,000 Miles – 100% NEW STORY – 80% NEW RECORDINGS – 100% BETTER QUALITY!

Cheers and have a nice day,

Andreas & Doreen