1USD / micro-donation

We need you!

Even without having been infected, Covid-19 has hit us hard! We have not been able to fly further on our route from Spain (Robledillo de Mohernando) since February 2020, and have instead been stuck in Germany for months. Our next planned destination, Africa, now seems further away than the moon. We have no idea when we’ll continue on our journey, but one thing is certain: We will continue!

The financing of our flight expedition from the USA to Australia was secured in 2012 for the planned three years. And even then we had to keep working for our small travel agency in South America (www.ottostours.de) every day. We continue to do that with a 40-50h working week! But now, with tourism set on pause, our chance to earn money in the next few months is gone. All of our professional presentations and shows in theatres and cinemas in Germany have already been cancelled for this winter too and the little money we had left in the bank is running out!

That’s why we need your help! Just 1, 2, 5 or 10 US$ isn’t much. But if each of you could set this up as a monthly micro-donation, then you would help us tremendously in this crisis and you’ll also make sure that our dream lives on: To fly on very soon and to one day reach Australia! Be part of our world tour!

Every contribution, however big or small, is very valuable for our future! With just a few clicks you would help us tremendously! It only takes a minute!

And we’ll reward your help! If you have set up this monthly donation for at least a year, we guarantee you your name on our wing! As soon as we start up again, we will write your name on the wing of our Trike and you will receive a photo of it with us by E-Mail.

Thank you so much, always blue skies, safe landings and warm regards, your flying nomads,

Andreas & Doreen