1USD / micro-donation

The financing of our flight expedition from the USA to Australia was secured scheduled three years (2012-2015. As you know, the 3 years have now become more than 10 years and the “tour” has become a “life as a flying nomads”, without a permanent home. In order to finance this, we have to keep making longer stops to work every day for our small travel agency in South America (www.ottostours.de).

Now tourism in South America was stopped from February 2020 due to the Covid-19 measures and we have to use up our savings completely! That’s why we need your help! You can’t usually do much with 5 or 10 USD. But if each of you sets up this as standing order, as a monthly micro-donation, then you will help us tremendously in this emergency situation and ensure that our dream of reaching Australia one day lives on! Become a part of our world flight adventure! With just a few clicks you helped us a lot in 2 minutes!!!!

And we reward your help! If you’ve made a monthly donation of $10, we’ll make sure to have your name on our wing!

Many thanks and best wishes, your flying nomads,

Andreas & Doreen