Welcome to Trike-Globetrotter - an official world record attempt to fly a "trike", an open microlight type aircraft, 100.000 miles on all 5 continents!

A fantastic journey in a "trike", an open microlight type aircraft, that looks like a "flying motorcycle" and offers less space than a small sofa in our living room! "100,000 Miles" follows the German explorers Andreas Zmuda and Doreen Kroeber in their years long adventure of a life time.  No one has ever dared to undertake this trip before them. Exposed to the forces of nature like birds, they fly around the world, with a  unobstructed view of the beauty of our earth.

These extreme adventurers are facing personal and technical challenges besides the risky flying conditions. They experience more than one dangerous emergency landing that throws their plans off track. Their biggest adversary remains the unpredictable weather. However, whenever they are looking for support, they experience the incredible hospitality of the local people and the helpfulness of the pilot community.


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Great news from our aircraft manufacture DTA!

Georges Monier - FAI Microlight / Trike World Champion are employed now at DTA to help to improve there customer service!

He will be in charge to deal with all international matters as German Certification of there gyroplane and giving foreign customers and dealers a great service!


Georges has been flying trikes in microlight competitions for several years, as the co-pilot/navigator of another DTA team member together with Guillaume Richard. Together, they won several French titles, and in 2012 they even won the world champion title with a DTA Combo Surf and the Magic wing.

Good luck Georges !!!